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IMS Goes Big with Martin Audio WPM

The corporate event specialist has taken on a sizable Martin Audio inventory.

Garnett Valley, PA (April 29, 2019)—Eying use for corporate events in hotel ballrooms among various other uses, event technology provider IMS Technology Services (IMS) of Garnett Valley, PA recently purchased a sizable quantity of Martin Audio loudspeakers and amplifiers.

In total, the company brought in 60 Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Mini (WPM) cabinets along with SX118 and SX218 subs, and iK81 and iK42 power amplifiers.

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Chris Leonard, director of audio for IMS, noted, “Our goal was to find speakers that are more compact in size but still maintain the level coverage level and audio quality we needed at the right price. More specifically, I wanted something that would perform like a midsized line array box but in a smaller package. What drew me to Wavefront Precision is how the system can be digitally optimized to deliver maximum performance for a particular space. I had some reservations about the performance until I heard the system in person and was very impressed.”

Soon after the purchase, IMS put the system to use at a private corporate event where it deployed two main hangs of 12 WPM and two hangs of six WPM for delays.

Leonard said, “Overall, we are very pleased with this investment in WPM as it is a compact cabinet that is more than capable of delivering the quality and consistent reinforcement of a box twice its size. I was skeptical of the marketing and science behind it at first, but now I’m a firm believer in the Wavefront Precision family…. We plan on growing into WPC and WPL in the future, but WPM is a perfect fit for us now.”

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