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Live Sound

Nomad Wound Up with Van Damme Cable

Van Damme Cable hits festival circuit with Nomad Sound

Austin, TX (March 8, 2018)—Nomad Sound has made a name for itself in the festival market, providing audio systems for events like Levitation, SXSW, Old Settler’s Music Festival, Riot Fest, WanderLust and more. Recently the company got a new PA, and has since outfitted it with UK-manufactured Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade cable.

Nomad’s Billy Leger says, “We were looking for world-class cable for world-class PA. It had to be flexible, rugged, and hold up to life on tour without being too bulky. I found Van Damme’s Black Series Tour Grade to exceed any speaker cable I had worked with previously.

Riot Fest Goes Nomad in Denver

“The fine-stranded ultra-pure copper makes it flexible, great for heat transfer, uniform when tinning and uniform in signal transfer from amp to speakers, and the ‘anti-kink’ core keeps it flexible with excellent cable memory. I highly recommend this cable.”

Based in the UK, Van Damme Cable has built cables for more than 25 years, going on to see its products used at venues, studios (including Abbey Road), tours with the likes of Foo Fighters, Oasis, Coldplay and more. It is distributed in the USA by Fingerprint Audio.

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