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Product of the Week: Singular Sound Cabli

Compact housing for permanent, pinch-free, single-cable management and transport.

Here’s a clever little device that can help gigging musicians keep cables neat and organized: the Cabli from Singular Sound, a 7-inch diameter cable reel designed to permanently house a single cable. 

Cabli can be used to store and transport instrument, microphone, speaker, ethernet or power cables. In seconds, Cabli can wind cables up to 30 feet long onto a reel with a built-in handle, allow the cable to be used without removing it from the reel, and protect the cable during transport.

Using Cabli starts by finding the midpoint of the cable and looping it over a retainer inside the reel. A pinch preventer ensures that the center bend of the cable has a minimum radius and is not pinched or damaged when it’s installed, while a detangler prevents cables from knotting when they are wound onto the reel. Once a cable has been installed, it can be used by simply pulling both ends and feeding the desired length off of the reel. The backside of the unit features a hand strap and a loop for hanging. 

Cabli works best with cables that have a braided jacket (up to 30 feet long), but can also be used with cables that have a rubber jacket (up to 20 feet long), with diameters ranging from 5.4 to 7.5mm. 

Constructed from lightweight ABS, Cabli weighs 10 ounces and is compact enough to fit into most gig bags. Up to five Cabli may be loaded into the Cabli Gig Bag for transport or storage, and for a limited time customers get a free gig bag with purchase of four Cabli.