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K-Pop Powerhouse JYP Entertainment Expands with New Studios

JYP Entertainment — the label behind K-Pop hitmakers like Stray Kids, ITZY, TWICE and NiziU — recently built new studios connected via Van Damme cables.

JYP Entertainment's new studios are connected via Van Damme cables.
JYP Entertainment’s new studios are connected via Van Damme cables.

Seoul, South Korea (March 30, 2022)—K-pop has become a global force in recent times, making steady inroads into the U.S. market ever since Wonder Girls became the first South Korean group to enter the Billboard Hot 100 with “Nobody” in 2009. The label/music production business behind that act, JYP Entertainment, has powered much of the genre’s success with artists like Stray Kids, ITZY, TWICE and NiziU. With the company and its acts only getting bigger, inevitably its in-house recording facilities had to grow as well; as a result, JYP recently built a new, larger facility with gear from a variety of manufacturers, including Van Damme Cables from the UK.

The project took two years to complete with the help of regional audio outfit Gearlounge. All systems were built from scratch and Van Damme cables were selected for all six main rooms. Cables used in the project included Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade 16 Pair, Blue Series Studio Grade 8 Pair and Pro Grade Classic XKE.

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Taewon Seo from Gearlounge commented, “We recommended Van Damme Cables for JYP’s studios because we knew they would work, especially as we have a lot of artists with different music genres recording here. K-pop involves a lot of vocal recording, so Van Damme cables are a good choice since they are stable and carry all signals without any distortion.”

Herpreet Kaur Singh, commercial director at VDC Trading, noted that Van Damme Cables is currently working with Gearlounge on another install within the K-pop industry.