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RRS Rolls with Adam Sandler on Tour

Las Vegas-based RRS Audio provided audio for the comedian’s spring tour.

Las Vegas, NV (July 11, 2019 )—Lee Pepper, owner and operator of RRS Audio Productions Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, purchased an L-Acoustics K2 line source array system last year. While the new system has led to interesting gigs like providing audio for a $25 million wedding and an ongoing relationship with the Palms Casino Resort, the system got its most consistent workout yet as it toured the country with Adam Sandler on the comedian’s spring tour.

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“This is the first time that Adam took gear on tour,” says Pepper, who has worked with Sandler for the last three years. Sandler’s 100% Fresher Tour played arenas, amphitheaters and music centers from coast to coast—including shows in Montreal and Toronto, Canada—beginning in late May and extending through the end of June. Pepper also recorded every performance using his RML Labs SAW Studio multitrack rig, having previously recorded and mixed Sandler’s 2018 Netflix comedy special, 100% Fresh.

For Sandler’s tour, he says, “We had left and right main hangs of 32 total K2 with an outer hang of 12 Kara on each side, plus eight Kiva II for frontfill.” Additional Kara boxes provided sidefill for Sandler and his musicians, with short throw X12 wedges for vocal monitoring. Two LA-RAK II per side each loaded three LA12X amplified controllers powered the main system with a separate rack driving the monitors.

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As an owner/operator, Pepper was also on the 100% Fresher Tour as its front-of-house engineer, and he reports that Sandler takes a keen interest in the sound. “He said to me, ‘When you do sound, it’s much cleaner and clearer. Is it the way you EQ?’ I basically take out most of the low-end frequencies, as the show is primarily spoken word. On the very first few tour dates where we didn’t use our K2 rig, Adam noticed the difference and said, ‘It sounded a little off. What was going on?’ He could totally tell. These days, most rider-friendly systems can sound pretty decent if you spend enough time tuning, tweaking, and phasing. But I think with L-Acoustics speakers there’s just something more honest and natural sounding. K2 always sounds great and it’s been perfect for Adam; it’s the best.”

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