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Live Sound

Ryman Auditorium Updates Audio with New Consoles

The cornerstone of country music has updated its audio offerings with the installation of two new digital desks.

Nashville, TN (July 13, 2018)—A cornerstone of country music, Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium has updated its live sound inventory with the purchase of two new digital consoles from Clair Solutions’ Nashville offices.

The famed venue purchased a Yamaha Rivage PM10 for its monitor position a while back and moved ahead with the purchase of two Yamaha Rivage PM7 consoles based on that experience.

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“As far as the Opry is concerned, the Yamaha Rivage’s most important feature is its thorough file management capabilities,” said Kevin McGinty, front of house engineer when the Grand Ole Opry show comes to the Ryman during the winter months and for the Thursday night Opry Country Classics shows.

“Ultimately, we will have hundreds of artist scenes, and on a nightly basis, we need to arrange these scenes into an eight- to 12-artist event list. While we may see certain performers frequently, we may not see them for several years, and we also have a rotating stable of Opry band musicians. It’s critical to be able to manage these scenes globally to prevent any unpleasant surprises as we make input and patch changes to our show. Scene Focus, Recall Safe, and Global Paste are all tools that enable us to keep everything in hand, even as the Opry show evolves.”

McGinty said his PM5D Opry file was 12 years old when they retired the Ryman console. “This is pretty remarkable considering how many changes we went through over that period. With the Yamaha PM7, I can continue to employ this flexibility. I have also become a fan of the Dynamic EQ on Yamaha products over the years, useful tools in keeping the mix comfortable for audiences.”

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Les Banks, house mixing engineer at the Ryman, recalled, “The Ryman has had the Yamaha PM5D at both ends of the snake for over the last 10 years. When Yamaha launched the Rivage, we watched the industry take notice. Then, the Opry House purchased the PM10 and gave it the thumbs up. Bottom line is that the PM7 is user friendly, rider friendly, has great tech support from the Yamaha team and sounds great.”

“We were very pleased with the Yamaha PM10 monitor console installation at the Opry House,” concurred Jeff Hatfield, director of Technical Services for Opry Entertainment Group. “We were confident with our decision to add the dual PM7 consoles, and without a formal demo, due in part to Yamaha console familiarity and reliability.”

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