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Shure Aids Burgled Venue

A small 150-cap venue in England kept its doors open with help from the mic manufacturer.

Halifax, UK (May 10, 2019)—Last year, emerging UK venue The Lantern in Halifax, West Yorkshire, was burgled, just five months after it first opened its doors. Within minutes, thieves made off with contents of the venue/bar, including audio gear, cash and more, while causing considerable damage to the venue’s building itself.

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“The Lantern is 150 capacity and whilst only in our infancy, we’re proud to have already promoted some great shows,” said Ben Adey, Booker and Venue Manager. Things looked grim, however, as Adey noted, “Our insurance company failed to pay out,” which left the venue facing considerable hurdles.

Among the items stolen were 20 microphones—essential gear for a live music venue. When Shure microphones heard that the venue had been hit, it in turn donated nine mics to The Lantern—three Beta 56s; a pair of Beta 98D/Cs; an SM 91; a Beta 52, a Beta 57 and a Beta 58a.

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Shure’s Marc Henshall, senior marketing specialist, Pro Audio, noted, “We need venues like The Lantern to succeed. Local venues also contribute greatly to local economies and culture, and for a venue like this to close, purely due to mindless robbery, would result in the unnecessary loss of a critical community asset. We are pleased to support The Lantern in returning to what they do best, putting on great shows and championing live music.”

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