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The Baboon Show Takes On Europe

Swedish punkers The Baboon Show are back on the road with FOH pro Chris Mock and a lightweight control system in tow.

Chris Mock, FOH engineer for The Baboon Show, with his Allen & Heath dLive CTi1500 digital mixing system.
Chris Mock, FOH engineer for The Baboon Show, with his Allen & Heath dLive CTi1500 digital mixing system.

Sweden (May 8, 2023)—Stockholm punk act The Baboon Show has been happily up to no good for twenty years, and is currently making the rounds throughout northern Europe behind its latest album, God Bless You All. Along for the ride is the band’s longtime FOH pro, Chris Mock, who put together a control system for the tour to keep things light and portable.

Key to the system is an Allen & Heath dLive CTi1500 digital mixing system, connected to a dLive CDM32 MixRack, and Audio-Technica 3000 Series IEM wireless to deliver the band’s potent brand of punk-rock energy.

“The CTi was my first choice, since I normally tour with a dLive C2500 surface,” said Mock. “We decided on the beautiful CTi1500, on which I can run the same setup already used on my C2500. I love the almost analog feel of working on dLive. It’s really fast and intuitive in use – I work with a lot of effects and ride a lot of faders during the show, and the CTi1500 allows me to mix in a very dynamic, hands-on way. It’s a really great creative tool in that way.”

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A total of 32 inputs come from stage into the CTi1500, including a pair of electric guitar mics, a “dirt mic” on Niclas Svensson’s drum kit, ambient microphones and more. Mock describes, “All signals are split internally, so each input has a channel for the FOH and another one for the in-ear mix which is sent to six stereo mixes. Our backline tech/monitor engineer uses an iPad connected to the CDM32 to make changes during the show and it works perfectly.”

Mock eschews outside plug-ins and typically uses the on-board tools in the dLive for effects and such. “I use a lot of compression with The Baboon Show and love the parallel compression feature every compressor features,” he noted. “The VCA spills are also super useful, which opens up a whole new dimension of layers if you’re working on a small surface like the CTi1500. This way I can access all 64-plus channels, groups, effect sends and returns on the 12 faders I have. I use some of the SoftKeys for DCA spills which is amazing. I love the new Bus Compressor which I combine with the multiband compression of the Dyn8 to glue my main mix together.”

For its in-ear monitoring system, the band has Audio-Technica 3000 Series IEMs used in conjunction with the CTi1500. “The band loves the sound of the Audio-Technica system and it’s really easy and quick to set-up. The crew really appreciate the simple design and functionality of the IEMs and the Wireless Manager software really unlocks the power of the system.