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BeachLife Ranch Festival Gets Streamed

When Volume.Com decided to stream live from the recent BeachLife Ranch Festival in L.A., the audio team turned to Allen & Heath desks.

The Avantis was used for multitrack recording and broadcast to
The Avantis was used for multitrack recording and broadcast to

Los Angeles, CA (October 5, 2022)—To talk about streaming BeachLife sounds very water-oriented, but it was music all day recently at the BeachLife Ranch Festival in Los Angeles. While the main stages featured headliners like The Lumineers, Hall and Oates, Brandi Carlile, and Wilco, over at the Four Sixes Speakeasy stage, artists were getting recorded and broadcast to’s live music streaming platform.

Tackling the mixes for the Four Sixes Speakeasy stage were a pair of Allen & Heath digital consoles—a Qu Series mixer at front of house, along with a 64-channel Avantis for multitrack recording and broadcast.

Mixing Dance Gavin Dance Live

The Avantis was paired with a GX4816 stagebox, which provided 48 remote mic preamps to receive audio via a split snake. The console also housed a 128-channel, 96 kHz Waves module – allowing for external processing and simple multitrack recording. “The Avantis was awesome,” noted Justin Corser, audio engineer and program director for “We had some staff at the festival who were still new to digital consoles, and it was really easy to get them started on Avantis. It’s like the console does the mixing for you.”

(l-r): Chris Austin and Justin Corser behind the Avantis.
(l-r): Chris Austin and Justin Corser behind the Avantis.

Chris Austin, audio engineer and business development manager for, found the virtual soundcheck function useful within a festival setting: “At festivals, you generally only get a few minutes to set up your mix. Using Virtual Soundcheck, it’s a single keypress to toggle between a live source and DAW playback from a previously recorded session. That gave us the time we needed to really fine tune things and get the compression right.”

Austin and Corser plan on using Avantis for more and more streaming events in the future.