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AES News: Steinberg Nuendo 3.2

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH debuted the latest update to its Nuendo Media Production System software at the recent AES Convention.

Nuendo 3.2 features a full Control Room section that provides up to four separate studio outputs, extra mix, headphone and control room busses, as well as configurable input returns and user definable monitor setups. Each Nuendo audio, group, FX return and VSTi channel now includes new studio sends allowing each signal to be routed to any of the four studios. The integrated talkback functionality enables engineers and producers to speak directly to musicians, narrators or other performers in any of the studios, automatic dimming and separate talkback levels are also provided.

Should playback from external sources such as DAT, Tape or CD be required for a performer, up to six playback inputs can be selected and routed to any Studio, Track, Headphone or Control Room bus.

User definable monitor configurations can be setup for quick changing of monitoring setups and extensive fold-down, and solo operations such as “Rear to Front” or “Solo to Center” grant easy audition of compatibility on the output side.

The update to Nuendo 3.2 also expands the functionality available through the EuCon protocol, which integrates Nuendo directly into editing and mixing environments based around the renowned Euphonix MC and System 5-MC products. Nuendo 3.2 now adds support for the optional dual automated joysticks, in turn allowing direct control of the Nuendo surround panner through both of these advanced digital control surfaces.

Featuring a range of new control room features currently unique in software production environments, Nuendo 3.2 will be available as an update from for registered Nuendo 3 customers in late 2005.

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