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ATK Audiotek Purchases 48 Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP Amplifiers

Audio manufacturer Powersoft announces that production company ATK Audiotek, based in Valencia, Calif., has acquired 48 Powersoft K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers. ATK Audiotek, which provides sound reinforcement solutions for television, specialized events and industrial productions, migrated its entire inventory of amplifiers to Powersoft in 2009. In August, the company will provide audio for the Special Olympics World Games.

Powersoft states that the new K10s DSP+AESOP amplifiers are able to produce 12,000 watts of power from within a single-rackspace chassis off of a single 20-amp circuit. By leveraging Powersoft’s DSP technology within its amplifiers, ATK Audiotek is able to realize a more flexible DSP topology across its systems rather than relying on a “centrally distributed” DSP model.

“We are a company that does a lot of events, so it was very important for us to have a solution that was both agile and flexible,” says Scott Harmala, Chief Technology Officer/VP Engineering of ATK Audiotek. “We average close to 12 shows per day, and they are all different, so our system has to be able to adapt to all of these different scenarios. Having the DSP in the amplifiers enables build us a library of settings and presets to do this efficiently. In all the evaluations we did, Powersoft came out on top so we made the investment.”

“With its purchase of [48] new K10 DSP+AESOP amplifiers, ATK Audiotek gains an enormous amount of DSP flexibility in their infrastructure, while delivering an extremely high standard of premium sound,” says Kurt Metzler, Director of Sales at Powersoft. “It is extremely gratifying to know that our new amplifiers will be used on some of the most prominent stages in the world, including the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl. This is a testament to the engineering prowess and build quality of Powersoft equipment.”

“We are powering a large inventory of primarily JBLs, all the way from VT 4889s, down to the smaller boxes; we also have proprietary loudspeaker systems that we have developed over time,” Harmala explains. “It is simpler for us to have one amp package to serve our entire inventory, and Powersoft can handle the small boxes, the large boxes and everything in between without us having to worry about marrying the right amp with the right loudspeaker.

“Our power distribution uses 30 amp circuits 120 volt circuits,” Harmala continues. “So it was important for us to have a high powered amp that could run all our systems and live within our existing power distribution infrastructure. We went through exhaustive testing with the other manufacturers, and frankly, the others didn’t meet our performance requirements. In our listening tests, everyone’s impression was that Powersoft was and the best sounding low frequency amp that anybody had ever heard. Also, it works really well for high frequencies—very transparent and true to the original signal. Aside from the obvious DSP benefits in the new K10s, these were the real reasons behind the purchase.”

Powersoft reports that ATK Audiotek is experiencing failure rates of less .5 percent of its inventory per year. “This is a remarkable statistic; anything under 1 percent is outstanding, so Powersoft gets high marks,” Harmala says. “It is solid engineering and these amplifiers have proven themselves over the six years we’ve had them in service. That’s one of the reasons we were confident in acquiring 48 more and continuing with the K10.”

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