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Atomic Professional Audio Reinforces John Fogerty with Adamson

Atomic Professional Audio, based in Rutland, Vermont, provided an Adamson Systems Engineering Energia P.A. system for John Fogerty’s most recent tour. The main P.A. comprises up to 32 E15s for the main arrays and 20 E12s for outfill.

Twelve E218 subs were flown—six per side—while 10 E219s were ground stacked (5×2), placed across the width of the stage at equal distances. Ten SpekTrix front fills completed the package.

The monitor rig also featured Adamson gear. A total of 26 M15 monitors were used onstage. Fogerty uses an array of nine M15 wedges on stage along with flown left/right arrays of six Adamson Y10 sidefills to surround his performance space. Band members also use multiple M15 wedges. 

Atomic has been providing audio equipment for John Fogerty tours since 2009 and has supported Adamson since 2002. 

“I’ve been working with Atomic for almost 20 years,” says production manager Tim Schad, who has worked with Fogerty since 2006. “I was sold on Adamson the first time I used it and have started working in different pieces of their gear with John over the last six years, but this was the first time we went out with 100-percent Adamson P.A. and monitor rig.” Schad states that the new Adamson Energia P.A. was “way better sounding than any P.A. available out there at any cost.”

Most recently Atomic Professional Audio expanded its Adamson inventory with the addition of Energia E15 and E12 line array enclosures as well as E218 and E219 subwoofers.

“Atomic owner Kevin Margolin did an amazing job putting together a complete audio and video package for us this year that included the new Adamson P.A. and monitor system,” says Schad. “Atomic’s crew headed up by system-tech George Perone is easily one of the best I’ve ever worked with in my 35 years in this business. Ingenious packaging, great gear and a talented, caring team make all the difference out here. And both Adamson and Atomic do beautiful work in engineering their systems assuring we have great sound, ready in time for doors—every night.”

Fogerty is known for his attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the sound quality of the audio system. He regularly walks the room working with the system tech, Schad and front-of-house engineer Felix Brenner to make sure that every seat in the house has the same high fidelity sound.

 “The move to the E15 rig is a huge change,” Schad says “It sounds so good John doesn’t comment on system tuning anymore. It completely eliminates the need for me to walk the room with him and the system tech, freeing up valuable time. He basically just works with drummer Kenny Aronoff on his snare sound for the day, then gives George a thumbs up and heads to the stage. We are all very, very happy with the new Energia P.A. I’m a big fan of Adamson’s T21 subs but I have to say that the E218/E219 combo was perfect for John’s music style. For old school rock they’re just super tight and extremely punchy.

“The new Energia rig provides us with impeccable clarity throughout every seat in the venue,” concludes Schad. “The sound is absolutely amazing and the system goes up and comes down very quickly. We’re all looking forward to taking it out again this coming summer.”

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