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Waves Audio Cloud MX Audio Mixer Gets Upgrade

Waves Audio has updated its Cloud MX Audio Mixer with an eye towards making better serve the needs of broadcasters and media networks.

Waves Audio has updated features for its Cloud MX Audio Mixer.

Knoxville, TN (July 3, 2024)—Waves Audio has updated its Cloud MX Audio Mixer with an eye towards making it more applicable to the needs of broadcasters and media networks. The update reflects efforts to reduce time-to-deployment and complexity, particularly benefiting IT DevOps teams tasked with managing such environments. In response to customer feedback, the new updates include advancements in deployment in broadcast environments and simplified licensing.

The primary update is Waves Central’s Remote Assistance Mode. Waves Central, the hub for managing Waves licenses and installations, now features automated activation and installation capabilities. Customers can automate deployments by creating a URL that triggers the installation and activation of Cloud MX and its plug-ins remotely and non-interactively—a move intended to reduce deployment time and aid productivity.

Flexible licensing options are also a priority for the update, as Waves now supports license activation to an instance’s local disk drive or an external EBS drive on AWS, as well as to a Persistent Disk on GCP. This move enhances deployment options and simplifies license transfers.

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The update also introduces turn-key automated scripts that enable broadcasters and M&E companies to create complete environments with a single push of a button. These scripts automate the activation, installation, and configuration of all relevant applications and drivers.

Cloud MX is designed for compatibility with major cloud platforms and protocols, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. It integrates with Dante Connect and NDI AV protocols. Waves Audio offers Cloud MX on a subscription basis, with weekly, monthly, and yearly plans.