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Auralex Is Now Shipping SonoLite Products

SonoLite SonoKits and SonoLite Clouds offer comprehensive acoustical treatment solutions.

Auralex in Indianapolis announces the availability of new products in its SonoLite range that are designed for residential applications such as home studios and home theaters. Modeled after the Auralex Studiofoam Roominator Kits, SonoLite SonoKits are convenient and modular configurations of Auralex’s SonoLite Panels and SonoLite Bass Traps.

SonoLite SonoKit-1 is suggested for rooms measuring 228-square-feet and smaller, and includes eight SonoLite Panels, two SonoLite Bass Traps, 40 EZ-Stick Pro tabs.

SonoLite SonoKit-2 is suggested for rooms measuring 228-square-feet and larger, and includes 12 SonoLite Panels, four SonoLite Bass Traps and 64 EZ-Stick Pro tabs.

SonoLite Cloud Panels are configurations of 2×4-foot panels that can be flown individually or arrayed to form a 6×4-foot cloud. Assembly hardware with fly points included.

Auralex’s SonoLite panels are fabric-wrapped Studiofoam Pro acoustical absorption panels that promise excellent broad-band frequency control. SonoLite panels are available in packages of two and add additional absorption to the SonoKits. SonoLite panels can be used for wall or ceiling applications, and SonoLite Bass Trap panels, sold individually, can be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientations where walls and ceilings meet. Auralex’s proprietary Studiofoam Pro is used in the SonoLite panel to maximize absorption performance in its 1-inch thickness. Studiofoam is also used in the 3-inch-thick Bass Trap panel to optimize low frequency performance, resulting in highly effective control preventing bass build-up and cancellation that would mask your room’s true low-frequency character.

SonoLite Panels feature Wall Mounted Acoustical Absorption Panels and are said to reduce unwanted acoustical reflections and tame chaotic reverberation. EZ-Stick Pro Mounting Tabs are included.

SonoLite Panels measure 1-inch thick by 2-feet wide by 2-feet tall, while SonoLite Bass Traps are 3 inches thick by 2-feet wide by 2-feet tall.

All SonoLite products are available in tan or black.

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