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Casino Rama Mixes With Midas

Casino Rama (Rama, Ontario; has been hosting a steady stream of top-name stars, including Sheryl Crow, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy. The venue’s 5,200-seat Entertainment Centre now features two Midas mixing consoles (Midas Heritage 3000 48 mono/8 stereo and Midas Heritage 4000 56 mono/8 stereo) from Toronto-based PA Plus (

Perry Disera, crew audio technician at Casino Rama, details, “The Casino Rama Entertainment Centre is a versatile 40,000-square-feet building with retractable soft-seat sections. This allows us to put on virtually any kind of event, from rock ‘n’ roll to dinner theater to symphony to country—all in the same week. The venue has been in operation for over five years now. The addition of the Midas consoles is just one more step toward streamlining the overall audio functionality here. Midas is the most requested console on artist tech riders for a reason; using Midas allows us, as well as touring engineers, to do our jobs with ease and create a mix that is true and without unwanted coloring.”

Wally Bodnar, stage/audio technician, says. “Midas’s long-standing reputation for reliability and sonic quality brings Casino Rama to another level. The first Midas console I ever used was also from PA Plus. Then as now, working with Gabor Szepesi and his team gives us the assurance of superb service, professionalism and 24-hour peace of mind.”

According to Todd Therrien, stage/audio technician, Casino Rama, “With Midas’s flexibility and excellent sonic qualities, we can produce great-sounding shows in any style. The Midas reputation speaks for itself.”

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