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Composer Inon Zur Scores Crytek’s ‘Crysis’ Game

Los Angeles–based film, television and videogame composer Inon Zur created the original musical score for Crysis, the next-generation PC first-person shooter game developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts.

Renowned for composing emotionally dynamic orchestral music, Zur was commissioned by Crytek to produce a modern cinematic score that heightens the impact of the dramatic storyline, realistic environments and highly-evolved game play.

“Inon’s ability to describe a complex situation through music is uncanny,” says Crytek audio director Joseph Zajonc. “He grasps human interaction and internal conflict, and delivers musical support for these scenarios with sensitivity and assuredness in his compositions. Inon’s sense of orchestration and the sound palette he has developed for this title are integral to the feel and identity of Crysis.”

The score was recorded with the acclaimed Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra in Seattle. Zur’s compositions feature sweeping themes, immersive setup pieces, intense action music and “otherworldly” musical soundscapes performed by the orchestra to invoke the alien influences in the game.

“Inon has such an enthusiasm for composing, it’s a joy to work with him,” Zajonc adds. “He really wants to provide exactly the right material for a given game moment, often coming up with an approach that surprises.”

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