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Danley Sound Labs Speakers Receive ETC Data

Danley Sound Labs announced the availability of high-resolution independent data for its model SH-50 and SH-100 full-range, horn-loaded professional loudspeakers gathered by Electro-acoustic Testing Company (ETC), sister company of Synergetic Audio Concepts (Syn-Aud-Con).

ETC, headed by Syn-Aud-Con co-principal Pat Brown, provides comprehensive third-party loudspeaker testing services, delivering data required by sound system design programs such as EASE, CATT-A, Ulysses, LARA and others.

For the Danley Sound Labs SH-50 and SH-100, ETC gathered Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF) data. The CLF was developed to provide a common format for the presentation of loudspeaker data. It also serves as a stand-alone specification sheet for the loudspeaker parameters required by system designers, with a free data viewer program available for download (

ETC also generated data for EASE 4, an acoustic prediction software platform. Specifically, ETC collects the full impulse response of the loudspeaker at each measurement angle, which EASE converts to its native file format.

“ETC measured two SH-50s in a tight array,” explains Mike Hedden, president of dB Audio/Video and partner with Danley Sound Labs. “While vertical arrays are the current rage, well-behaved horizontal arrays are really what the majority of rooms need. It is quite simple. The average furthest listener in auditoriums within the U.S. is less than 80 feet with a typical required horizontal coverage angle of 150 to 220 degrees or so. The SH-50 horizontal array product fits this application perfectly and does so with substantially better fidelity and pattern control in both horizontal and vertical planes than any vertical array product.”

“We’re absolutely thrilled to provide this truly independent data for the benefit of our rapidly growing base of professional audio customers,” comments Danley. “It’s a true and honest advantage in the battles of over-hyped ‘specsmanship’ so common in today’s marketplace. I believe that the SH-50 is the best-sounding loudspeaker I’ve created to date, but it’s far better when this assertion can be accompanied by unquestionable data.”

The CLF and EASE data sets provided by ETC for the SH-50 and SH-100 loudspeakers can be directly accessed via the Danley Sound Labs Website at For more about ETC services and methodology, go to