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Delta H Design, Clair Brothers Collaborate On ZR Theatre

Prepackaged 4k Theater Solution

Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI) and Clair Brothers announce the release of ZR Theatre, a prepackaged 4k theater solution with an estimated price of $50,000. ZR Theatre has applications in post-production, home theater and presentation venues, and represents an alliance of ZR Acoustics and 8CX Loudspeaker Technologies.

The two leading entertainment industry technology companies are renowned for their work in music, television, film, Internet gaming and live sound. DHDI and Clair believe that the integration of their cutting edge technologies will create a more realistic and immersive cinematic experience at a far more affordable price point than traditional theaters. The new ZR Theatre promises higher performance visually and acoustically than traditional custom-designed theaters, and uses the latest in Quantum Acoustic and Cinema Transducer technologies.

ZR Theatre promises life-like acoustical imaging with Quantum Acoustics Technology and offers a 5.1 speaker system with Clair Concentric Technology, 4k projection, 4k cinema screen and wireless remote control via tablet.

ZR Theatre comprises a ZR Acoustics Cinema System with embedded Quantum Technology, Clair Brothers’ 8CX 5.1 Cinema System (with 12-inch sub), a Sony or Panasonic 4k projector, Seymour 4k Enlightor Acoustically Transparent Woven Screen, QSC PLD amplifiers, QSC Core 100f, NetGear Wireless Router, Apple iPad Mini 2 and cabling for rack location at Right Surround at Grade.

The package does not include stadium seating, lighting, blueprints, architectural plans, permits, inspections, installation or shipping.

“We’re excited to be in this collaboration with DHDI and are confident that our new 8CX coaxial speakers will amaze listeners with their wide-bandwidth, pinpoint accuracy and natural coherence,” says Clair Brothers’ Josh Sadd.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Clair, as every project we’ve done with together has been an excellent experience and our clientele are always extremely satisfied,” says Hanson Hsu of DHDI. “ZR Acoustics’ unique LifeLike Imaging with Clair’s 8CX’s are a perfect match for the new generation of 4K cinema.”

The ZR Theatre is available directly through DHDI or Clair Brothers.

For more information, contact Clair Brothers at [email protected] or DHDI at [email protected].

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