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Dolby Introduces AC-4 Codec

At NAB 2016, Dolby announced the release of the AC-4 Codec, a powerful new audio format addressing the current and future needs of next-generation video and audio entertainment services including broadcast and Internet streaming. AC-4 offers a complete and robust format designed to work with Dolby solutions that span content creation, distribution and interchange, and consumer delivery.

Dolby AC-4 delivers the highest audio quality to the consumer, but at a much lower bandwidth than other formats. Dolby’s experience and involvement with next-generation broadcast standards will ensure smooth implementation of Dolby AC-4, from the broadcast truck to the home.

Dolby states that the new codec is already being implemented by a wide variety of system-on-a-chip (SoC) designers, professional partners, and consumer electronics manufacturers. More than simply writing standards, Dolby creates interoperable solutions that reduce cost and complexity, improve reliability, and deliver the best user experience across the broadcast ecosystem.

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