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DTV Audio Group (DTVAG) at AES Los Angeles On October 1

DVTAG to Address the Changing Face of Television Audio Production and Delivery at International Convention

Roger Charlesworth, Executive Director, DTV Audio Group

This year’s DTVAG Forum takes place on Saturday, October 1, from 1:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Part of the 141st Convention Special Events program, which is open to all attendees, the presentation is titled “The Changing Face of Television Audio: Objects, Immersivity, and Personalization.” It will take an in-depth look at a variety of new and exciting developments, and the issues involved with common content production and delivery methods.

The DTV Audio Group Forum at AES is produced in association with DTVAG’s parent organization, the Sports Video Group. Sponsors for this year’s DTVAG Forum include Calrec, DAD, Dale Pro Audio, Dolby Laboratories, JBL, Lawo, Linear Acoustic, Sanken and Studer. 

With the explosion in streamed-content delivery to fixed and mobile devices accelerating the adoption of advanced audio services for television and broadcast, new possibilities in immersive sound, enhanced personalization, and improved bandwidth efficiency have emerged. Cinema-quality immersive soundtracks are now starting to show up on popular streaming platforms at the same time that VR is driving interest and innovation in personalization and virtualized surround sound on mobile devices. These issues can be addressed through understanding how Hollywood is coping with streamlining object workflows for episodic production and manage the loudness and consistency issues this created by outdated format-and-dynamic-range-limited encoding workflows still being used.    

Discussion topics will include:

The Impact of VR on Immersivity and Personalization in Television

VR is the ultimate personalized immersive experience. How will technologies and trends driven by VR re-calibrate our thinking about television sound?  

Evolving Tools for Object Audio Post-Production

How do theatrical workflows and tools get faster and leaner for the demands of premium episodic TV?  

Advanced Authoring Tools: Live Audio Production

As the ability to deliver advanced audio expands, can live production fill the pipe?  

Challenges and Opportunities for Live Production Deliverables

Can adaptive rendering address the persistent challenge of format compatibly? Are we ready to get on board?  

The Challenges of Loudness Management in Multi-Platform Streamed Content Delivery

Can a line still be drawn between fixed and mobile or desktop streaming? How do content preparation and audio encoding processes need to catch up?  

Roger Charlesworth, Executive Director, DTV Audio Group, remarks, “The impact of streaming is upending the entire television business, and audio is benefiting. The migration from traditional broadcasting to an IP stream-based model is accelerating the uptake of advanced encoding solutions with sophisticated audio services. This is good news, but expect turbulence along the way.”   

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