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Group One Ltd.To Distribute KLANG:technologies in U.S.

3-D in-ear monitor mixing company taps DiGiCo’s and Avolites’ domestic distributor to carry the brand forward in North America.

KLANG:technologies’ Pascal Dietrich (left) and Phil Kamp (center) shake hands with Group One Limited’s Jack Kelly (second from right) and Matt Larson (right).

KLANG:technologies GmbH of Aachen, Germany announces that it has very recently appointed Group One Limited of Farmingdale, New York, to serve as its exclusive product distributor for the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The announcement comes from KLANG:technologies Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Pascal Dietrich.

KLANG:technologies manufactures 3-D in-ear monitor mixing technologies. The company’s core product, KLANG:fabrik, is a professional rack-mount monitoring mixing engine specifically designed to be used with IEMs. The free KLANG:app is the control device with a straightforward user interface for personal monitoring. 

“Group One is the perfect distribution partner for KLANG in the States,” says Dietrich. “In addition to having one of the industry’s most active and effective sales and marketing teams, they have a deep knowledge base and highly attentive support effort for all of the products they represent. That’s why Group One has such an extensive network of top acts, engineers, houses of worship and A/V consultants using their brands’ products; they’re literally everywhere that quality sound matters.”

“We have deep relationships with both engineers and rental companies and are ideally suited to introduce KLANG to the U.S. touring market,” says Group One President Jack Kelly. “Additionally, we have a very active business in the House of Worship market, which we believe can greatly benefit from KLANG’s technology.”

In addition to now servicing KLANG:technologies, including the company’s core product, KLANG:fabrik. Group One Limited is also the U.S. distributor for several other brands, including DiGiCo digital mixing consoles and Avolites lighting control desks, among others.

“I think that we have just scratched the surface in the US,” Dietrich adds. “This is the beginning of a strong partnership and exciting journey of forever changing the way that people will mix in-ear monitors. We see KLANG as a great fit within Group One’s product portfolio and believe that the era of a silent stage begins here and now.”

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