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Independent Bar Brings in DriveRack

Orlando, Fla.–based Independent Bar, which features multiple levels, three bars, a café and a patio view, and seats 1,000, has a new sound system that features a dbx DriveRack 4800 system processor. The sound system equipment, which also includes JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers, was sold by Magic Audio ( of Orlando. Magic Audio also consulted on the project, and Alex Della Gatta, an Orlando-based sound engineer who provides audio/visual and lighting services to the Independent Bar, did the installation and integration.

“Alex and I discussed the system in detail and when we considered all of its needs and components, we decided that without a doubt, the DriveRack 4800 was the controller for this project,” recalls Jim McCormick, president of Magic Audio. “It has all the parameter controls that the entire systems needs, including delay, compression, EQ and speaker management, and it’s an incredibly reliable and easy system to use.” McCormick adds that Magic Audio has another project underway that will also use the DriveRack 4800. “I always keep the 4800 in stock; it’s just such a great product,” he says.

Della Gatta created a sound system using JBL AM6340 speakers on top, JBL AL6125 cabinets for bass and JBL ASB6128V subs. “I wanted to be able to run three-way stereo tops and use the dual 15-inch drivers of the bass cabinets to fill the gap between the four 10-inch drivers of the top cabinets and the 18-inch subs,” Della Gatta explains. “Also, what often happens in clubs is that it’s common to overload the subs with bass frequencies. The DriveRack 4800 has the kind of crossover control that I needed to be able to precisely tune a five-way system. The 4800 really gives you pinpoint control over X-over points an curves, equalization, delay, EQ, polarity and phase control, compression and limiting.

“Also, it has all the tools that I needed to fine-tune the sound, like mute, meters and gain for all eight channels and an onboard RTA and pink-noise generator. I was one click away from any parameter I needed to adjust and didn’t have to constantly scroll and navigate through menus. The design of the 4800 is very intuitive and very practical, as well as extremely quiet: We have the Crown amps running wide-open and you can’t tell the system is on unless there’s music playing. There’s really nothing out there like the DriveRack 4800.”

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