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L-Acoustics Launches X Series at Prolight + Sound 2015

At the opening of the Prolight + Sound conference, L-Acoustics announced the launch of the X Series, a new line of coaxial speakers for the installation and rental markets. The three new enclosures in the X Series family—X8, X12 and X15—represent the most recent engineering innovations at L-Acoustics and directly benefit from the research and development breakthroughs that led to the launch of K2 last year.

The X Series comes as an addition to the ultra-compact 5XT fill launched in 2013 and will ship in Q4 of 2015.

X Series improvements include high-excursion neodymium drivers, ellipsoid directivity, laminar vented ports and up to 30 percent weight reduction. Used as a stage monitor, the X Series offers low latency monitor presets and a 7-percent lower profile. In installation applications the X Series comes with a complete range of flexible rigging accessories and a RAL custom color program. With improved radiation control and low frequency performance, the X Series is a true point-source system, boasting pristine sound for short throw applications.

The X8 is the live monitor of the X Series. X8 promises pristine sound with the L-Acoustics signature, a high SPL and extended bandwidth for operation at FOH position or in control rooms. Its wide conical directivity pattern is said to impart a sense of spatialization, with no minimum listening distance.

The X12 can cover multiple applications in rental and installation. An ellipsoid directivity of 90×60 degrees makes it adaptable to FOH applications. The X12 comes with a complete range of rigging accessories and RAL color program for maximum application versatility and seamless integration. Other features include low weight and optimized ergonomics for easy handling and a passive design for effective amplified controller management.

The X15 Reference Stage Monitor promises exceptional power in beamwidth and acoustic isolation, with a stated 40×60-degree directivity. Low in profile, light in weight and rugged in build, the X15 has integrated risers allowing it to go from 35 to 55 degrees for maximum versatility.

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