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Lewitt Introduces LCT 640 TS Condenser Microphone

Designed and engineered in Austria, Lewitt’s new LCT 640 TS multi-pattern studio condenser microphone (price TBA) introduces new capabilities that can alter the recording process. Set to Dual Output mode, the microphone’s front and back diaphragm follow two independent circuitries. Any desired polar pattern such as omni, wide cardioid, cardioid, supercardioid and figure-8 can be created before and after recording. Previously recorded material can be changed dynamically by adjusting the polar pattern and room sound can be added or subtracted. Lewis states that turning the microphone’s directivity by 180 degrees is possible after recording with the new LCT 640 TS.

Dual Output Mode also facilitates recording in mid/side stereo, which is usually only possible with two microphones, with only one LCT 640 TS. The polar pattern can be set and changed with Lewitt’s Polarizer plug-in within the DAW.

In Single Output Mode the LCT 640 TS offers all the characteristics of a studio multi-pattern condenser microphone. Lewitt states that its Perfect Match technology makes it possible for any two LCT 640 TS to form a matched pair.

Clipping History, and four low-cut and pre-attenuation settings are also included.

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