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Lynx Studio Technology Releases Thunderbolt Driver

Lynx Studio Technology in Costa Mesa, Calif., has released a new Thunderbolt Driver that provides Thunderbolt connectivity for the company’s PCI Express audio cards. When used with third-party expansion chassis products from Sonnet Technologies and Magma, the new Lynx driver allows the AES16e, AES16e-SRC and AES16e-50 professional audio cards to use the Thunderbolt connectivity on newer Apple computers.

“This is our first step in supporting Thunderbolt interface technology,” says David A Hoatson, Lynx co-founder and chief software engineer. “These upcoming expansion chassis allow many of our existing and established products to be easily added to a Thunderbolt equipped computer.”

The company states that it has fully tested the new Lynx driver with the Sonnet Echo Express PCIe Version 2 Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis and Magma’s ExpressBox 3T for the Lynx AES16e PCI Express 16 channel AES/EBU interface models. Both units are expected to be shipping soon.

The Lynx Thunderbolt driver is available from the Lynx Studio Technology Website at