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NAB New Product: TransLanTech Sound Ariane Sequel

TransLanTech Sound LLC is announcing the Ariane Sequel digital audio leveler at NAB 2005.

The Ariane Sequel adds independent two-channel and stereo-linked modes, protection limiting, input/output level metering, TCP/IP and RS-232 remote control, and software upgrade capability.

The Ariane Sequel will be available from multiple domestic and international distributors beginning concurrently with the NAB Convention.

TransLanTech’s original analog Ariane Stereo Audio Leveler will remain available for those users who require a purely analog leveling solution.

TransLanTech Sound and Broadcast Warehouse of the UK announced a plan to create a technical and marketing support base for BW’s American customers at TLT’s New York City headquarters, and to share technical resources. The “Ariane Sequel” is the first release out of a collaboration between TransLanTech Sound and Broadcast Warehouse, the UK company known for the DSP-X broadcast audio processor.

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