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Neumann Launches TLM 67 Studio Microphone

As a continuing part of its 80th anniversary celebration (1928-2008), Neumann unveils the TLM 67, a new microphone based on its legendary 1960s workhorse U67.

“The design and circuit technology of the TLM 67 represent a contemporary development of the U67, conveying its positive attributes to the present era,” explains Neumann Berlin sales/marketing president Wolfgang Fraissinet.

This philosophy of updating performance and sound while retaining the spirit of the U67 is carried out throughout the TLM 67. The new mic shares the TLM (transformerless microphone) approach of other recent Neumann designs, in which an electronic circuit mimics the action of a conventional output transformer, providing good common-mode rejection to suppress interference signals that affect the balanced modulation line. Another circuit reproduces the U67’s sound characteristics, without the use of tubes, similar to the technology used in the company’s successful TLM 49. Meanwhile, the TLM 67’s noise specs are kept at a minimum, as low as 11 dB-A in the cardioid pattern.

A large wire mesh grille encloses the TLM 67’s large diameter, double-diaphragm K67 capsule, the same that was used in the original U67. Three directional characteristics—omnidirectional, cardioid or figure-8—can be selected via a switch located below the grille. The chosen setting is indicated by a symbol shown in a window above the switch. Other controls allow the selection of a -10dB pre-attenuation pad and a bass roll-off (highpass) filter.

The TLM 67 introduces a novel Neumann dual-color design. The pearl-gray of the mic body combined with the classic Neumann nickel offers a touch of distinctive individuality. And in observance of its 80th anniversary, the company is honoring its founder, Georg Neumann, with a three-dimensional metal emblem on the front of the TLM 67.

A variety of accessories are available, including the EA87 elastic shock-mount suspension (shown in photo), a foam windscreen and a pop filter.

For more information, visit, or to download a brochure in PDF format, click here.