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Pelonis Sound UltiStation

Chris Pelonis and his firm, Pelonis Sound, will display their latest creation—the UltiStation—at AES 2004.

Designed for DAW users, the UltiStation is an ergonomically designed, wood control center. It features API microphone/line preamps, analog processors, and other signal chain components, all mounted within diametrical wings. In the UltiStation’s center speaker mounts bookend two additional platforms—one for a DAW controller and the other for the DAW’s monitoring screens, keyboard and mouse.

The AES display model will offer a dozen left wing-mounted API 7600V input modules, while the right wing offers API 8200 eight-channel summing mixers and an API 7800 four buss console master. All components and I/O are configured with a right-side patchbay.

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