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Pro Sound Effects Posts Interview with Sound Designer Michael O’Connor

Sound effects library company Pro Sound Effects has posted an interview with sound designer and editor Michael O’Connor as part of the company’s “How I Work” series. Published on the Pro Sound Effects blog and inspired by Lifehacker, “How I Work” asks sound designers in film, videogames, and advertising what inspires them and which tools allow them to get their work done from day to day.

Sound designer Michael O’Connor

Based in Los Angeles, O’Connor has worked on feature films such as Echo Lake and Cruel Will as well TV series such as Duck Dynasty, Shark Week, and Auction Hunters.

In describing a typical day, O’Connor says, “For my TV sound editing work, I have a diligent 10-hour work schedule per 22-minute show. Within this timeframe, I organize the session, edit the music, edit the existing SFX from editors, cut in ambience, perform a spotting session for missing SFX, and finally—the fun part—cut in Foley.”

In addition to recording custom sound effects for his projects, O’Connor also employs the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library for freelance sound designers. “Having an extra 56,000-plus SFX has increased my productivity and kept costs down for clients who don’t have big budgets that would enable to me record all of their sounds myself,” says O’Connor. “I use it on basically every project I touch. Just recently with my sound edit for the film Echo Lake, I implemented many of the 5.1 ambiences found in the Hybrid library; it sounded great in the theater during our final mix.”

Read the complete interview and see a trailer for Michael O’Connor’s sound design work on the PSE blog.

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