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Producer Elliot Mazer Teaches Spring Music Course at UNC Asheville

Renowned record producer Elliot Mazer (pictured) has joined the faculty at UNC Asheville this spring to teach an upper-level course on record production. Some 21 students are currently enrolled in the course, which is examining musical creativity, musicianship, musical expression and recording engineering and producing. The class is designed as a tour through the recording process from a raw song to a finished recorded product. It is the first university course anywhere taught by Mazer.

“Students have been awestruck to be studying with someone of such fame and artistic accomplishment,” says Wayne Kirby, UNC Asheville Music Department chair and co-instructor for the course. “Everyone without exception that is enrolled in the class has told me how much they are learning.”

Mazer has a long, varied career as a record producer, studio owner and engineer, entertainment technology company executive and audio consultant. Primarily known for his 30-year association with Neil Young, Mazer has also worked on albums by Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Leonard Bernstein and Linda Ronstadt. In addition, he recorded The Band’s “The Last Waltz” concert for the film and albums. Mazer is also known for the development of the AirCheck monitoring system, which automates the discovery of music and commercials on radio and television.

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