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Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production Announces First Panels

Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production, taking place on Saturday, May 20, 2023, has announced its first programming offerings!

Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production
Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production

Nashville, TN (April 20, 2023)—Mix Nashville: Immersive Music Production, an all-day event focused on the emerging technologies, techniques and artistic opportunities driving the surge in Dolby Atmos and Sony RA360 content, has announced its first programming offerings, with more to be announced in the coming weeks.

The event, which will take place along a one-block stretch of Nashville’s Music Row, followed by a nighttime networking party and listening sessions in nearby Berry Hill, will take place on Saturday, May 20, 2023, opening with a Keynote Conversation in the historic Columbia Studio A. Numerous top pro-audio brands are involved with the event, so they will be on-hand, too. The Early Bird Registration Price ends on Saturday, April 22, so book now to secure your ticket for just $99!

Separate But Equal: The Stereo and Immersive Mixes

Which comes first? The stereo mix or the immersive mix? Or can they take place simultaneously? For many, stereo comes first, with the immersive mix becoming a “blown-up” version of the two-channel spread. For others, the immersive mix offers an opportunity for an entirely new approach to the song. Still others work on both at the same time. No matter the approach, all engineers agree that it should be the artist’s intent and vision that drives the process.

Panelists: Chuck Ainlay, Matt McClure, Jeff Balding and Will Kienzle

Moderator: Tom Kenny, Co-Editor, Mix


Monitoring the Mix: Speakers and Headphones

Nothing beats the experience of listening to an immersive mix on a properly tuned 7.1.4, 9.1.4, or even 13.1.6 monitor system, but statistics show that more than 90 percent of consumers will be listening through headphones or soundbars. For the mix engineer, headphones have become much more than a tool to “check” a mix or keep an ear on the binaural version; they’ve become an integral part of the production process, from the initial mix on through the approvals. With recent technology advances from Sony, Sennheiser, Apple and others, both mobile production and studio-based workflows are taking advantage and edging ever closer to providing an optimum consumer playback experience.

Panelists: Vance Powell, Pete Lyman and more to be announced

Moderator: Clive Young, Co-Editor, Mix

Book your early bird pass today – offer ends this Saturday, April 22!

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