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Radial Introduces the Tossover Variable Frequency Divider

Radial Engineering in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now shipping the Tossover ($400), a 500 Series module that can divide the frequency bands of an audio signal to separately process lows and highs or combine the two in series to create a bandpass filter.

The front panel has two sets of controls; one set is focused on the midrange and high frequencies, while the other separates the midrange and bass frequencies so that each can be processed individually. The frequency knob adjusts the cut-off point while the amplitude knob is used to adjust the signal level.

To intensify the effect, each frequency divider is equipped with a three-position filter that may be set with a 12-, 18- or 24dB per octave slope. This enables the Tossover to also work as an elaborate filter to either warm up tracks or reduce unwanted resonance. A front panel switch enables the two filters to be combined in series to create a bandpass filter that can, for example, enhance the midrange on a lead guitar or a snare drum track.

The Tossover may be used with any 500 Series rack via XLR input/output connections. Using the Tossover with a Radial Workhorse modular rack allows both of the frequency bands to be processed at once, whereby the lowpass filter stem can be directed to the XLR out and the highpass filter stem sent to the Omniport. A miniature slider switch near the card edge connector allows the user to toggle the output as needed.

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