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RH Factor Signs for Euphonix System 5-MC

Dave Rawlinson (left) and Craig Hunter, co-owners of RH Factor, Hollywood

Hollywood-based audio post house RH Factor recently purchased a Euphonix dual-operator System 5-MC mixing console for controlling multiple Nuendo and Pro Tools DAWs. The System 5-MC destined for RH Factor employs Euphonix’ EuCon high-speed protocol for complete integration between the control surface and DAWs.

RH Factor’s forthcoming console has 48 faders with two MC controllers and is designed for use as a single or dual mixer console capable of pre-dubbing and final mixing with playback and recording of all units and stems within the console/workstation environment.

RH Factor’s Euphonix System 5-MC is one of the first such systems deployed in Hollywood. The audio mixing system is based upon the Euphonix System 5 control surface design that integrates with DAW applications such as Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, and video applications such as Final Cut Pro Studio. The control surface includes the MC Intelligent Application Controller for master console functions and integral control of the DAW. The MC can also control other software applications running on the workstation through EuCon and the HUI protocols, plus keyboard commands mapped to the 56 SmartSwitches.

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