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Riedel at Rock Hall of Fame

As VH1 Classic prepared for its first live airing of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony,” Firehouse Productions provided the broadcast team with Riedel’s intercom solutions and Digital Partyline (DPL) system.

For Firehouse Productions, the decision to use Riedel for the first time at the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony” was based upon the ability to decentralize the architecture. Using three fiber-networked Riedel Artist 64 digital intercom matrix systems, Firehouse Productions was able to locate one frame at the truck, one at the monitor console area and one at front of house.

With 24 ports between the TV truck’s intercom system and the Riedel node located at the truck, Firehouse Production’s Michael Drazin was able to move partylines between the two intercom systems, as well as point-to-point communications.

“The Riedel system allowed us to decentralize and put hardware in close proximity to where it was needed, so that we were able to setup faster and run less cable,” says Drazin. “The DPL system is also extremely flexible, as I am no longer limited by the number of 2 to 4-wire converters and power supplies they are feeding. Every C44 system interface in the system provides four fully independent 2-channel outputs that can be assigned directly from the matrix.”

In addition to passing communications, the Riedel system was interfaced to a Studio Technologies Model 212 digital announce console, which was used for the voice-over announcer. A single co-ax passed the bi-directional signal between the 212 and the Riedel matrix frame, enabling the A2s to monitor the main and the talkback circuit, as well as check the interrupt circuit independent of the A1. By doing this, Firehouse was able to move AES audio to the truck using the intercom’s infrastructure instead of laying additional cables.

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