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Scott Frankfurt Installs IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 Acoustic Isolation Stands

Scott Frankfurt is pictured in front of his workstation with his newly purchased IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 adjustable decoupling speaker stands.

Producer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Frankfurt has installed IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 adjustable decoupling speaker stands at his home-based commercial production studio, which is located in the Los Angeles community of Woodland Hills. Scott Frankfurt Studio operates both as a music production facility and an audio lab for the sound design work performed by Frankfurt for Spectrasonics, the virtual instrument software developer for which he has been vice president of design since 2003.

Scott Frankfurt Studio combines classic analog recording workflows with digital technology in a hybrid production environment that positions music mixing facilities back-to-back with Frankfurt’s workstation. The airy control room, flooded by natural light from two sides, adjoins a tracking space sufficiently large enough to accommodate a full rhythm section, nine-piece string section or a 12-piece choir.

The facility was constructed by Ron Balmer and Frank LaTouf (renowned for building Westlake, Record Plant and other high-end commercial studios) from a design by Greg Thompson, and was tuned by George Augsperger.

Scott Frankfurt installed ISO-L8R200 adjustable decoupling speaker stands at his mix position

Frankfurt relates that he initially evaluated a pair of IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 desktop speaker stands in combination with the Genelec 1032A near-field monitors at his personal workstation, which he uses for sound design, recording, editing and composing.

“I am extremely wary of the psychological effect of trying something new and thinking it is better,” says Frankfurt, who initially trained on piano before switching to drums, and has recently taken up pedal steel. “But everything sounds better to me with these stands installed. Such an unassuming product making a profound difference in my work day—wow! I’m a huge fan.”

He adds, “Frankly, I was skeptical at first, but I did a bunch of listening and everything sounded immediately better. I even did an ‘acid test.’ I lived with them installed for over two weeks, then removed them. Instantly I wanted them put back. That’s how I knew they were a true asset to my work. I know for thing for certain—I wouldn’t give ’em back!”

Scott Frankfurt Studio has attracted business from legendary artist and musician Sergio Mendes and Grammy- and Oscar-winning singer Christopher Cross as well as engineers and producers such as Jean-Michel Soupraya, Darius Fong, Bill Maxwell (The Winans, Andraé Crouch), Doug Rider (who engineered the first Boston album) and David Hentschel (George Harrison, Genesis, Elton John). The studio has hosted sessions featuring musicians such as Abraham Laboriel, Sr., Abe Laboriel, Jr., Vinnie Colaiuta and Rose Stone (of Sly & the Family Stone). Frankfurt’s personal production projects these days typically involve young, up-and coming artists, such as Hannah Brazil and L.A. alt-rockers PiGEON.

Located just 20 minutes from Hollywood, Scott Frankfurt Studio offers a technically versatile recording setup in a relaxed environment with plenty of privacy. The facility is outfitted with a custom Avid Pro Tools|HD-based recording system with Folcrom passive summing and Dangerous Music monitor control. The system’s analog front end includes equipment from API, Avalon, Focusrite, Millennia, UA and Vintech, plus eight channels of recently installed GP2 Inc. BL-99 mic preamps.

The tracking room features Frankfurt’s beloved vintage Gretsch drum kit, which is maintained by “Drum Doctor” Ross Garfield. In addition to the live space adjoining the control room there are tielines to a larger separate tracking room for recording on the Steinway baby grand piano, Hammond B3 and Leslie 122 cabinet, and 54-key Fender Rhodes electric piano.

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