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IsoAcoustics Tackles Immersive Audio Height Speaker Isolation

IsoAcoustics aims to isolate wall and ceiling-mounted speakers in immersive and spatial audio systems with its new V120 Mount.

IsoAcoustics' new V120 Mount for wall and ceiling-mounted speakers
IsoAcoustics’ new V120 Mount for wall and ceiling-mounted speakers.

Markham, Canada (November 2, 2022)—Following a sneak peek at June’s NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, IsoAcoustics has officially unveiled its new V120 Mount for wall and ceiling-mounted speakers in professional and home project studios.

Designed for immersive audio installations and based on established IsoAcoustics technology, the new patented isolation design reportedly offers the same acoustic benefits for height speakers. A variety of mounting options are available to work with the V120, all of which provide users with the ability to rotate the mounts 360 degrees and also use a tilt function that provides up to 90 degrees of adjustment.

When a loudspeaker is placed on a surface, it will interact with that surface in a way that can compromise sound quality. Vibrations are conducted through the structure and conducted back into the speaker, resulting in reduced clarity and accuracy. The smearing of details shared between two or more channels can result in diminished accuracy of the sound image, which is fundamental to the immersive audio experience. Accordingly, the V120 is intended to help mitigate the transfer of energy between the speaker and the supporting structure.

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The IsoAcoustics V120 Mount is compatible with a large number of adapters, providing solutions for applications ranging from wall mounting to metal rigging. The V120 comes with a ceiling plate that can be directly fastened to the ceiling or removed allowing the V120 mount to be attached to other surfaces and structures, using one of the IsoAcoustics V120 mounting adapters. The mount can be wall-mounted using the V120 wall bracket, adapted to truss systems, Unistrut or third-party mounting hardware.

The mount is compatible with numerous speaker models that weigh up to 40 lbs. Speakers can be attached either to the bottom circular flange, or a sliding bracket can be inserted that provides the tilt adjustable connection for studio monitors. The IsoAcoustics Product Selector application at can aid in determining which combination of brackets and adaptors are required to configure a specific model of speaker for a wall or ceiling installation.

The IsoAcoustics V120 Mount is now available with an SRP of $159.99 USD. Brackets and adapters are sold separately.