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Sennheiser at Center Stage for MTV’s Europe Music Awards

The MTV Europe Music Awards took place this year on November 18th at the Tor di Valle in Rome. Sound designer Derrick Zieba worked behind the scenes at the show; all live equipment was supplied by Britannia Row Productions (London), including Sennheiser wired and wireless mics and personal monitor systems, which were chosen by many artists.

Eminem performs at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards

Sennheiser radio and personal monitor systems were used throughout with Sennheiser SKM5000-N used for all of the presenters and the winners. Bryan Grant for Brit Row commented, “Forty-nine channels of Sennheiser radio were used in an unfriendly RF area, but the system performed flawlessly.”

The majority of artists also chose Sennheiser mics included Usher and Alicia Keys (who used the Evolution 500 Series wireless), The Hives (using the Evolution wired, main vocal e935 mics), Franz Ferdinand (Evolution wired, main vocal e840 mics), Eminem (SKM5000), the Beastie Boys (SKM5000), Anastacia (Evolution 500 Series wireless) and Tiziano Ferro (SKM5000).

Zieba explains, “My relationship with Sennheiser goes back to the first production of Phantom of the Opera, when I realized this was a company who wanted to work with you to achieve the best sound. I asked for their involvement on the Brit Awards, which we’ve now done together for four years. From the outset, they provided faultless wireless mics and would go out of their way to accommodate the artist’s choice of microphones, whatever the brand. Their mics would always be offered but never forced on anyone and their technical support team are second to none.

“For the MTV Awards, 75 percent of the artists pre-specified Sennheiser mics and personal monitoring systems, with the vast majority of others accepting the choice. This was a remarkable ramp up from a couple of years ago when just a few divas made that choice and also in a year dominated by American artists. It proves Sennheiser’s confidence in their products.”

The 11th annual awards show was hosted by hip hop artist Xzibit in front of an audience of 6,000, and will be aired internationally.

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