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Sennheiser DW800 Wireless Headset

Sennheiser Communications debuts the DW800, a two-transceiver wireless headset system with docking station for call center, office or home office environments.

The Sennheiser DW800 wireless system allows users to roam over 150 yards from the system docking station for external calls or in-house communications. Two mobile transceivers allow “hot-swapping” one unit, if the battery starts to lose power, with the other unit charging in the docking station without losing the connection.

The DW800 wireless system combines with any of the ten office headsets from the existing Sennheiser Communications headset product line.

A sound clarity system adjusts the signal so that background noise from a poor connection is filtered out while the caller’s voice is amplified. A dynamic volume control automatically compensates for variations in volume, keeping it at an optimized, pre-set level.

The DW800 also functions as a flexible intercom system for direct communication from transceiver to transceiver. Up to five people can take part in an internal conference using the DW800, and up to four people, once they’ve logged their transceivers into the docking station, can conference with an outside caller. A switch for external audio interface allows users to turn the telephone headset into one for PC applications.

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