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Shure’s New GLX-D+ Wireless System Adds Guitars to the Mix

Shure has always had a way with wireless vocal mics, but the new GLX-D+ Dual Band takes the brand’s expertise in a new direction.

Shure GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless System.
Shure GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless System.

Chicago, IL (March 1, 2023)—Shure has been a major player in the wireless microphone market for decades, and the GLX-D+ Dual Band series announced today follows in that tradition—but with a twist: The series’ receivers include the typical rack-mount and tabletop models, but also include Shure’s first guitar pedal receiver.

Aimed at guitarists and bassists who want to go wireless, the GLXD6+ Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal integrates right into a pedalboard and can be powered from typical 9V DC cords. The pedal receiver has a tuner built-in, and sports a ¼” input so that users can still plug in when they want to. For players who alternate between multiple guitars during a show, the receiver can link to two or more transmitters, speeding up on-stage transitions between instruments.

As might be expected from a series that includes a guitar pedal receiver, the GLX-D+ Dual Band series is largely aimed at musicians, houses of worship and others who need wireless mics but don’t have the time, aptitude, need or budget for in-depth offerings like Shure’s flagship Axient Digital series.

Nonetheless, there’s other reasons to look into the new line. The GLX-D+ dual-band wireless technology updates the series’ previous generation by doubling available bandwidth, operating both in 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. The receivers automatically scan for and select the cleanest available frequencies, helping users avoid interference and dropouts.

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Also updated from previous models, the GLX-D+ Dual Band’s rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of runtime, with a quick charge capability providing 1.5 hours of use from a 15-minute charge if need be. The lithium-Ion SB904 battery can be charged directly on the tabletop and half-rack receivers or through a USB-C connector on the transmitter.

GLX-D+ systems are available with three handheld wireless microphone options, including SM58, BETA 58A, and BETA 87A. GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless provides RF performance, antenna distribution, and automatic frequency management for up to 11 half-rack systems in typical environments (16 under optimal conditions). Separately available Frequency Manager (GLXD+FM) and directional antenna accessories are required.

The GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless Systems will be available later this month at the company’s website and at select retailers, starting at US $499.