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Skan Acquired By Britannia Row, Clair Global

UK-based sound provider Skan is the latest addition to the Clair Global family of companies.

left to right: Shaun Clair, Abby Llewellyn, Troy Clair, Chris Fitch, Bryan Grant, Nicola Amoruso.
Left to right: Shaun Clair, Abby Llewellyn, Troy Clair, Chris Fitch, Bryan Grant, Nicola Amoruso.

United Kingdom (September 21, 2022)—UK-based sound reinforcement provider, Skan, has been acquired by its fellow audio company, Britannia Row Productions. The move bulks up Brit Row’s service and support offerings while also making Skan another link in parent company Clair Global’s chain of live sound providers around the globe, as the Lititz, PA-based company owns Brit Row.

Located in Newbury in the South of England. Skan has long provided audio for festivals and large-scale events, as well as global tours for the likes of Muse, Liam Gallagher and ELO. Going forward, Skan will retain its name,d become a part of the larger Clair Global brand family along with Britannia Row, and will retain its present leadership.

Chris Fitch, director / co-owner at Skan said, “We were flattered to be asked to join the preeminent global audio rental company. There is no other offer we would have considered, and we expect this new arrangement to provide benefits to our existing and future customers.

Over the last 25 years, we have provided a global service from our base in the UK, but being part of a global organization allows more options to supply services and provide support from other locations. Working with Abby Llewellyn, director / co-owner, and a core of dedicated and incredibly talented staff, Skan has always punched above our weight, but joining Britannia Row and Clair Global further increases our capabilities.”

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It was also noted that besides being able to better support acts as they traverse the world, being connected to Clair Global will help keep freight costs and environmental impacts down, as equipment and staff can be localized to different continents.

Clair Global President and CEO, Troy Clair, noted, “We’re thrilled for Skan to be joining our organization. The people at Skan share the same values we pride ourselves in upholding at Clair – service, quality, and integrity. The bottom line is, when they do something, they do it extremely well, and we are confident that this new partnership will result in the opportunity to better service all of our clients.”