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Soundcraft Chosen Again for Seattle Church

Eastside Foursquare Church (Bothell, Wash.) has replaced its nearly 20-year-old Soundcraft Vienna desk with a new Vi6 digital live sound console.

“We were hired as the consultant to look at sound and video systems within the church that could benefit from an update,” says Jeff Sanderson of Olympia, Wash.-based consulting firm Onpoint Designs. “The original console, although it had served the church well, was long overdue for a replacement as we knew that current-generation technology could offer enhanced sound and reset options. So we recommended three digital designs that we felt provided fairly comparable capabilities, and Eastside Foursquare Church chose the Vi6 hands down based on affordability, user friendlines, and processing power.”

Supplied and installed by Morgan Sound of nearby Lynnwood, the Vi6 represents the first phase of an upgrade project that will soon also comprise a new P.A. system for the church’s 1,250-seat sanctuary.

According to Blair Schmautz, the church’s head sound technician, “The Vi6 is extremely versatile, sounds great and is easy to use. Our services typically involve more than 40 channels of live instruments and vocals, while for special events we might use all 64 channels. The desk’s Vistonics II interface brilliantly displays all parameters for 32 channels at a time, which is something I’ve not found on any other digital sound console in this price range.

“We often have large 30 to 60-piece choirs during our Sunday services,” he continues, “as well as a medium-sized combo onstage with guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. All of these things, along with a variety of playback sources for CDs and other media, can be easily accommodated on our new digital console. Plus, we also host concerts here at the church several days a week, which keeps me pretty busy, but the Vi6 effortlessly handles it all.

“The processing card provides us with an array of great-sounding effects,” Schmautz adds. “The reverbs sound very realistic—hardly surprising, perhaps, given the Lexicon pedigree—and blend well with natural ambiences. And the delays are truly studio-quality.”

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