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Streaming Dolby Atmos Music

What Good Are All These Beautifully Produced Tracks If No One Can Hear Them?

While there are many ways to listen to immersive sound, streaming true Dolby Atmos Music is a more exclusive endeavor. As of this writing, the only streaming sources for this innovative content are Amazon’s Echo Studio and Music HD and TIDAL HiFi. Here is the rundown on each.

Amazon Echo Studio and Music HD
The Echo Studio smart speaker is able to fill a room with powerful immersive audio through its compact form factor. Dolby worked with Amazon to create this music listening experience, which pushes past the boundaries of the mono and stereo solutions found in most smart speakers today.

“We are excited to announce the all-new Echo Studio. We worked throughout its development with Dolby to bring our customers an unparalleled listening experience from a single, easy-to-use speaker,” said Miriam Daniel, vice president of Echo and Alexa Devices, Amazon. “Echo Studio is the first smart speaker to deliver a truly immersive audio experience with Dolby Atmos. It allows you to hear objects placed into the three-dimensional space around you—it’s music the way the artist intended you to hear it and we can’t wait for our customers to try it.”

A growing library of tracks in Dolby Atmos are available to experience on Echo Studio through the Amazon Music HD plan. Echo Studio users can also turn their living room into a home theater by pairing one or two Echo Studio devices together wirelessly with a Fire TV Stick 4K or Fire TV Cube to experience movies and TV shows in Dolby Atmos.

TIDAL and Dolby Laboratories introduced what the companies call “a more emotional and authentic way” to enjoy the songs you love with Dolby Atmos Music using TIDAL HiFi. Members subscribing to the TIDAL HiFi tier with compatible Android smartphones or tablets will have access to a growing library of music available in Dolby Atmos from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Android smartphones and tablets that TIDAL has authorized to receive Dolby Atmos include:

  • Samsung (Galaxy S10, S10+, Galaxy Fold, Tab S5, and others)
  • Huawei (Mate 20 x, Mate 20 Pro, and others)
  • Oppo (Reno ACE and others)
  • RAZER Phone 2
  • Sony Xperia 1 and 5

The current library includes songs from some of the world’s biggest artists such as The Weeknd, Blondie, Ariana Grande, and more. TIDAL is working closely with its artist-owners, including JAY-Z, to mix their catalogs in Dolby Atmos — which are expected to become available throughout 2020.

“Dolby Atmos is redefining how music is created, allowing artists and fans to experience it like never before,” says John Couling, senior vice president, commercial partnerships, Dolby Laboratories. “Together with TIDAL, we are expanding the reach of Dolby Atmos Music by enabling a more immersive way for people around the world to enjoy their favorite songs and albums.”

To enjoy Dolby Atmos Music, TIDAL will automatically default to this experience if a Dolby Atmos mix is available. Tracks will be identified by a “Dolby logo” visual badge as well as through a “Dolby Atmos” identifier that will display once a song is selected. Users can also click on the “Dolby Atmos” menu option under the “Explore” tab on the TIDAL app to explore the library of tracks available in Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is now available to TIDAL members subscribing to the HiFi tier, which already features HiFi and Master quality audio.