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SymNet Offers Web-Based Training

Symetrix’s Syminar is a free-of-charge, Web-based training curriculum that introduces users to the fundamental skills and concepts behind SymNet. Once users register, they can complete Syminar at their own pace from any Internet connection. Users can repeat lessons as many times as they like. Once they’re satisfied with a lesson, users can take a short quiz to test their knowledge. Users who complete and pass each quiz will receive a Basic Level Certificate from Symetrix, as well as four InfoComm CTS credits.

The lessons start from the ground up, taking users through SymNet hardware, SymNet Designer software, basic Site File design, routing, control screens and presets, external control and commissioning. PowerPoint-type presentation slides marry diagrams, pictures, movies and text to clearly and simply convey relevant concepts. The slides are audio-free by design so that users can study Syminar anywhere, without headphones or speakers.

Users can return at any time for a refresher or can search for a particular topic by keyword.

Visit and click on “Training” on the left-hand side of the page to sign up. For additional SR news, visit The Briefing Room.