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Synchro Arts Announces VocALign ARA Integration Into Studio One

Synchro Arts in Epsom, UK, announces that its automatic time-alignment software, VocALign, is now available with ARA (Audio Random Access) integration in PreSonus’ Studio One Professional. VocALign provides time-saving and quality benefits when tightening double-tracked vocals and backing harmonies, aligning instrument tracks or sound effects, and syncing ADR or foreign language dubbing. ARA is an extension for audio plug-in interfaces. 

Co-developed by Celemony and PreSonus, ARA technology enhances the communication between plug-in and DAW, and gives the plug-in and host instant access to the audio data. 

Synchro Arts and PreSonus have worked together to integrate VocALign tightly into Studio One with a simple, streamlined workflow to provide automatic, instantaneous time alignment of the selected audio signals.  

Editors can let VocALign do the fine re-timing work automatically. Users drag and drop Guide and Dub audio events into VocALign, which instantly edits the Dub audio to match the timing of the Guide. 

Two versions of VocALign with ARA are available as VST3 plug-ins: VocALign Project 3 and VocALign PRO 4, which is operated in the same way as VocALign Project and includes advanced features: the ability to process several dubs at the same time, advanced alignment that can handle challenging feature differences, improved editing quality, user Synch points that can provide targets for alignment, and the ability to process longer signals. This version requires an iLok USB key for trial and full authorization.

The ARA versions of VocALign Project and VocALign Pro are available as free updates for existing VocALign license owners. 

VocALign licenses can be purchased from the Synchro Arts and PreSonus stores as well as Pro Audio Dealers worldwide.

Visit Synchro Arts for downloads, trial licenses and further information on Studio One compatibility with Synchro Arts products.