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University of Miami Frost School of Music Announces New Master’s Degree in Sound Recording Arts

The University of Miami’s Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music announces a new master’s degree program in Sound Recording Arts that will be offered beginning Fall 2015. Admission to the new MM-SRA program requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and demonstrated professional experience in the recording industry.

“The new Master of Music in Sound Recording Arts [MM-SRA] curriculum is ideal for students who already hold an undergraduate degree and wish to pursue or further enhance careers in sound recording, sound design, media composition, game audio, sound reinforcement, education, and related fields,” explains Frost School of Music’s Dean Shelton G. Berg, a three-time Grammy Award–nominated pianist, arranger, orchestrator and producer. “The program is interdisciplinary in nature and includes courses in music, music engineering, computer programming, music history, and education. It is distinguished from other such programs in its simultaneous focus on creativity, experimentation and tradition.”

Accredited by the National Schools of Music (NASM), the new two-year graduate degree program will be offered through the Frost School’s Music Engineering Technology program, administered by Associate Professor and Program Director Colby Leider, Ph.D., whose team currently works on more than $5 million in sponsored research at UM Frost.

Leider explains, “The Frost School’s new MM-SRA program is designed to enhance and further the skills of audio professionals. The degree’s coursework combines foundational skills with recent trends in the recording industry.”

The MM-SRA curriculum addresses practical and aesthetic issues surrounding music and technology, including sound recording, mastering, mixing, human-computer interaction, computer music, acoustic ecology and sound reinforcement. Coursework includes such topics as Timbral Ear Training and Critical Listening, Recording Engineering, Psychology of Music, Psychoacoustic Foundations, Transducer Theory, Digital Audio, Live Sound, Master’s Research, Recording Internships, and a variety of electives related to the growing field.

Classes and research projects will be offered by outstanding faculty, including Professors Colby Leider, Will Pirkle, Christopher Bennett, Joseph Abbati, and Dana Salminen from Music Engineering Technology; Professors Charles Norman Mason and Juraj Kojs from Music Composition; Professor Mitsunori Ogihara from Computer Science; and Joel Zysman, Director of High-Performance Computing at the Center for Computational Science.

The Frost School of Music’s Music Engineering Technology program is a division of its Music Media and Industry Department, chaired by Associate Professor and music copyright expert Serona Elton. It will continue to offer the Master of Science in Music Engineering (MS-MuE) program, the first graduate degree in music technology in the U.S., founded by Ken Pohlmann in 1986. Graduates of the program are routinely placed in top audio companies and are currently working in the fields of digital signal processing, transducer engineering, audio education and audio programming. The MS-MuE program requires that applicants posses an undergraduate degree in a technical field, typically electrical engineering or computer science.

Commenting on the reasons the new MM-SRA degree is being offered at this time in the School’s history, Dr. Colby Leider says, “We have fielded an increasing number of inquiries from recording engineers seeking a master’s degree to enhance both their professional skills and research techniques. After years of careful planning, we are pleased to broaden our scope and offer this new Master of Music in Sound Recording Arts. This new degree will expand our growing community of scholars and practitioners who are passionate about the nexus of music and technology. And Miami is the perfect place for this to happen.”

Interested applicants should contact the Office of Recruiting and Admission at for further details.

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