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Devine Adds to SSL Arsenal

Electronic musician Richard Devine has added several SSL 500 series units to his studio.

Richard Devine.
Richard Devine.

Atlanta, GA (September 20, 2022)—Electronic musician Richard Devine, for whom a typical week might involve juggling video game soundtracks, TV commercials, web environments, application interfaces and a bevy of Dolby Atmos mixing projects, has added several SSL 500 series units to his studio.

Devine’s most recent equipment acquisitions include the new SSL Ultraviolet Stereo Equalizer (UVEQ), the G Series Bus Compressor, VHD+ Pre and the E-Series 611EQ parametric equalizer. These sit within a 500 series rack alongside his SSL SiX desktop mixer, which also sees plenty of action.

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Devine is drawn to the sound of classic analog circuitry: “There is just no comparison to having the real analog circuitry. To my ears, it has a more organic sound quality and is more pleasant to listen for longer periods of time.”

The latest addition in his 500 series rack is the new UVEQ processor, a two-band parametric EQ derived from the SSL Fusion processor. “I have two of the VHD+ Pres — these go right into the UVEQ, and then finally into my G Series Bus Compressor. This is my all-SSL analog chain, and I love this combination,” he says.

He also uses two of SSL’s four-band 611EQ 500 series modules as his “workhorse’ EQs during the recording phase. “I tend to use these for tracking percussion, guitars, synthetic bass and my modular synths,” he explains. “The 611EQ is just awesome and it can handle any task that I throw at it. I use the high frequency shelving band, which you can switch into a bell curve response for maximum versatility,” he says.