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Anyone for Riedel?

The 2021 Wimbledon Championships marked the biggest-ever deployment of Riedel gear at the famed tennis tournament.

The AELTC master control room
The AELTC master control room

United Kingdom (July 28, 2021)—For over a decade, the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) has steadily expanded its Riedel fixed signal routing and communications infrastructure, with the 2021 Wimbledon Championships marking the biggest-ever deployment on the tournament grounds.

For the 2021 tournament, the MediorNet/Artist solution facilitated remote audio mixing to support communications between review officials and umpires, statisticians, safety, security, audio and production teams, as well as video feeds to aid the audio team with press feed distribution and remote operation of all courts. While the basic network remains in place year-round at AELTC, Riedel Managed Technology was brought in to supply the additional panels, nodes and other gear necessary to support tournament play at 18 different courts over the 14 days of Wimbledon.

French OB Fleet Scales Up with Riedel

The permanent Riedel installation at AELTC consists of an Artist-64 intercom node and a handful of 2300 SmartPanels to support year-round security and audio teams.

In the run-up to the 2021 Wimbledon tournament, the Riedel Managed Technology division expanded the fixed infrastructure with additional Artist and MediorNet equipment, including MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution network devices, around 120 intercom panels, and Bolero, offering coverage over much of the grounds. The modular MicroNs were notably used in the AELTC master control room, the nerve center for all audio signals, where the signals from the 18 courts, big screen production and countless local mixes come together.

Additional MicroNs configured with the Riedel MultiViewer App were located in the Centre Court PA rack room. This enabled the production crew in master control to mix audio signals from up to 36 SDI broadcast and MADI feeds from Artist, house audio, OB comms 4-wires and program feeds. Audio meters on the MicroN multiviewers have been customized to show each umpire’s mic on the left side and the signal sent to the courtside PA on the right, while the UMD shows the umpire microphone switch state.