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Listed below are the nominees chosen by the Nominating Panel of the 15th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards. A special TEC Awards nominees

Listed below are the nominees chosen by the Nominating Panel of the 15th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards. A special TEC Awards nominees supplement and voting ballot will appear in the August issue of Mix.

The TEC Awards will be held Saturday, September 24, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. For more information, contact Karen Dunn at (925) 939-6149, or e-mail [email protected].

OUTSTANDING INSTITUTIONAL ACHIEVEMENTAcoustics/Facility Design CompanyRuss Berger Design Group, Dallas, TX

Pelonis Sound & Acoustics, Santa Barbara, CA

Studio 440, Hollywood, CA

studio bau:ton, Los Angeles

Walters-Storyk Design Group, Highland, NY

Sound Reinforcement CompanyA-1 Audio, Hollywood, CA

Clair Brothers, Lititz, PA

db Sound, Des Plaines, IL

Showco, Dallas, TX

Ultra Sound, San Rafael, CA

Mastering FacilityGateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Masterdisk, New York City

Sony Music Studios, New York City

Sterling Sound, New York City

Audio Post-Production FacilityHoward Schwartz Recording, New York City

Soundelux, Hollywood, CA

Sync Sound Inc., New York City

Todd-AO Studios, Hollywood, CA

Warner Bros., Burbank, CA

Remote Recording FacilityEffanel Music, New York City

Le Mobile Remote, Vista, CA

Record Plant Remote, Ringwood, NJ

Remote Recording Services, Lahaska, PA

Sheffield Audio-Video Productions, Phoenix, MD

Westwood One Entertainment, Culver City, CA

Recording StudioCapitol Studios, Hollywood, CA

Electric Lady, New York City

Ocean Way, LA, Los Angeles

Right Track Recording, New York City

The Village, Los Angeles

OUTSTANDING CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENTAudio Post-Production EngineerKen Hahn, Sync Sound

Chris Jenkins, Todd-AO Studios

Shawn Murphy

Sue Pelino, Sony Music Studios

Gary Rydstrom, Skywalker Sound

Remote/Broadcast Recording EngineerGuy Charbonneau, Le Mobile

Ed Greene

John Harris, Effanel Music

David Hewitt, Remote Recording Services

Kooster McAllister, Record Plant Remote

Sound Reinforcement EngineerRobert “Cubby” Colby

John Cooper

Rich Davis, Sound Image

Dave Kob, Clair Brothers

Dennis Savage

Mastering EngineerGreg Calbi, Sterling Sound

Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering

Ted Jensen, Sterling Sound

Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering

Denny Purcell, Georgetown Masters

Record ProducerGlen Ballard

Tchad Blake

Rob Cavallo

Sheryl Crow

David Foster

Recording/Mixing EngineerChuck Ainlay

Tchad Blake

Ed Cherney

Tom Lord-Alge

Dave Reitzas

OUTSTANDING TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENTAncillary EquipmentApogee PSX-100 A/D-D/A Converter

BSS Soundweb

dB Technologies AD122-96 MkII

DK Audio MSD600M

Martinsound MultiMAX Surround Monitoring Controller

Neutrik MR-1 Minirator Signal Generator

Amplifier TechnologyBryston 9B-ST Pro

Chevin Research Q6

Crown CP-660

Demeter VTHF300M

Mackie M2600

QSC PowerLight 9.0 PFC

Mic Preamplifier TechnologyAphex 1788

Crane Song Flamingo

Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster

Grace Design Lunatec

PreSonus M80

TC Electronic Gold Channel

Computer Software & PeripheralsBitHeadz Unity DS-1

Emagic Logic Audio Platinum

Glyph Trip

RPG Diffusors Room Optimizer

SEK’D Samplitude 24/96

Sonic Foundry ACID

Microphone TechnologyAKG C4000B

Audio-Technica AT4060


Neumann M147

Shure KSM 32

Soundelux U95S

Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker TechnologyApogee Sound FH-4

Bag End TA6000-R


Meyer PSW-6 Cardioid Subwoofer

Shure PSM600

Turbosound TFM3300

Studio Monitor TechnologyDynaudio Acoustics M4+


M&K Professional MPS-2510/5410


Tannoy Reveal

Westlake Audio Lc3w12

Musical Instrument TechnologyAkai S5000

Fender SFX Amps

Korg Trinity V3

Kurzweil AES (Audio Elite System)

Roland JP-8080

Waldorf MicroWave XT

Signal Processing Technology/HardwareAntares ATR-1

Lexicon MPX 100

Line 6 Pod

Manley Massive Passive EQ

Millennia Media NSEQ-2

TC Electronic M3000

Signal Processing Technology/SoftwareAphex Big Bottom Pro

Line 6 Amp Farm

Power Technology DSP*FX

Steinberg DeClicker 2

TC Works MasterX

Waves Renaissance Compressor

Recording Devices/Storage TechnologyAlesis M20

ATR Service Co. Large Format ATR-102

Euphonix R-1


Quantegy GP9

Tascam DA-45

Workstation TechnologyAMS AudioFile 98

Digidesign Pro Tools|24 MIX

Event Layla

Lexicon Studio

Mark of the Unicorn Audio 2408

SADiE 24/96

Sound Reinforcement Console TechnologyAllen & Heath Icon

Amek Recall RN

ATI Paragon Monitor

Crest Audio V-12

Harrison Live Performance Console (LPC)

Soundcraft Broadway

Small Format Console TechnologyAllen & Heath GS-3000

Digidesign ProControl

Mackie Digital 80Bus

Panasonic WR-DA7

Spirit Digital 328

Yamaha 01V

Large Format Console TechnologyAmek 9098i

AMS Neve Libra Post

D&R Octagon

Solid State Logic Axiom-MT