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AES 2003: Crest Audio Pro 9200 Power Amplifier

Crest added to its Pro 200 power amplifier series with the Pro 9200.

Crest added to its Pro 200 power amplifier series with the Pro 9200(pictured). The four Pro 200 amplifiers occupy two rackspaces and weigh25 pounds. The Pro 9200 boasts 2,100 watts per channel (6,500 wattsbridge mode) into 4 ohms, while the Pro 8200 offers 1,450 watts perchannel (4,500 watts bridge mode); the Pro 7200 provides 1,000 wattsper channel (3,300 watts bridge mode); and the Pro 5200 has 525 wattsper channel (1,800 watts bridge mode).

Apart from the differences in power, the three new amplifiers havesimilar specs, including a frequency response within +0, -3dB from 10to 100 kHz, with hum and noise better than –110 dB“A” weighted. The input impedance is 15k ohms balanced.

The Pro 200 Series amps feature Automatic Clip Limiting (ACL) toprotect connected drivers, while IGM Impedance Sensing automaticallymodifies the gain to suit whichever impedance outputs are connected.IGM allows more efficient operation and loads as low as 2 ohms, as wellas short-circuit protection. Tunnel-cooled, high-efficiency heat sinksand variable-speed DC fans limit the operating temperature. Automatictemperature-sensing systems monitor the temperature of the air as therear-mounted cooling fans funnel it to the front-panel exhaust and shutdown a channel if temperatures exceed operating limits. AutoRampcircuitry minimizes power-up “thumps.”

Input connections are via XLR on the rear panel and are activelybalanced. Both Speakon and binding post output connections are providedper channel. Front-panel controls include input attenuators and acombination of AC power switch/circuit breaker. Five front-panel LEDsper channel indicate ACL, signal, temperature protect, DC protect(lights when a DC voltage is sensed) and Active (output relay closedand operational). On the rear panel, a mode switch determines stereo,parallel or bridged mono mode, while a gain select switch determineswhether the overall amplifier gain structure is x20 or x40.

The Crest Pro 200 Series have U.S. MSRPs of: Pro 200, $TBA; Pro8200, $2,630; Pro 7200, $1,970; and Pro 5200, $1,600.

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