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AMS Neve HQ Gets PMC-Bedecked Demo Room

The UK console company turns to another British brand for monitoring.

Biggleswade, UK (January 4, 2019)—AMS Neve has built out a demo room at its UK headquarters into a recording studio, complete with control room, live room and vocal booth, that features a Neve Genesys Black G32 console and MB3 XBDA monitors from PMC.

“The primary purpose of this new facility is to demonstrate our consoles and their features at any level of detail, within a top-tier studio environment,” says AMS Neve’s distribution manager David Walton. “We needed monitors that made a statement to go along with the AMS Neve equipment in the room.

“We have several sets of PMC monitors installed in our large showroom—and have used them during many exhibitions and demonstrations—and we are very happy with them, but the visual statement the MB3 XBDs make in the studio is one of sheer power. Then you listen to them and you realize just how fantastic they sound with jaw-dropping performance. Plus, they are made in Britain, which is something we are very proud to promote about AMS Neve equipment.”

Stuck in the Garage No More

AMS Neve has several sets of PMC IB1S monitors, several pairs of TwoTwo8s, Wafers in the ceiling of its Dolby Atmos demonstration area and a pair of Twenty:26 floor-standing monitors in its presentation area.

“A few years ago, we opened our large showroom floor to showcase our products and at that point it became clear that we also needed an environment where equipment could be used as intended,” Walton adds. “We decided to refurbish the studio from the ground up, creating a control room that is acoustically designed to be ‘flat’ so any particular sound is presented as intended without additional influence—the entire frequency range ‘pops’ right at you in there.”

There is also scope to bring in a Neve BCM10/2 Mk2 console if customers want to demo it in a fully working studio environment, and there are several AMS Neve 500-series modules and a 33609N stereo limiter/compressor. Any number of Neve outboard units can be installed and patched into the console as needed. A full range of analogue and digital I/O is also available, and the room is fully networked, so that multi-channel audio can easily be sent to/from other rooms in the building.